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3 Great Online Business Models When You Need Fresh Ideas

When your online marketing starts to feel outdated or stops producing the things that you want the most, it’s time to take decisive and declarative action. Because desperation really is the mother of invention there are going to be times when you just have to do the thing you think will do the best at the job. There is nothing wrong with that, and more often than not you will prevail. So try to have an open mind and be ready to take on the things that most other people won’t. Your willingness to take a chance will eventually reward you.

Once upon a time, offline marketing was the only option available (because the Internet had yet to become popular). During those days, though, it wasn’t called "offline" it was called "direct response" marketing or advertising. It’s good to borrow from these and work in a multi-step marketing campaign that brings in things like videos, Facebook and your money pages and sales sites. Why not drive people to your Facebook page–a page that you will have filled with content and videos? Why not try to create a separate feeder site that is, at heart, a video centric website. You can either send them to your main website then or to a squeeze page. You need to put more work into your lead generation efforts. It’s good to work actively to sell your lead generation giveaway for the benefits of joining your list.

Making videos is a great method of promoting your business. First you need to find the niches that relate reasonably well to what you’re doing. After you’ve finished making your videos, you’ll tag them with tags that relate to those other niches. Use the same method to create your video titles. This is a fantastic and effective way to expand the potential of your reach. If you really want to get YouTube’s search volume to work for you, title your videos to seem kind of like the videos that get the most views. You won’t have to worry about seeming devious or dishonest because your work will all be closely related.

Everybody knows how hot video is right now and nobody thinks that it is going to abate any time soon. In this business you will create a one-stop shopping site for everything that relates to video and video creation. This means taking care of things like special effects, graphics, etc. You, then, get to choose the angle that best puts you in a position to help others create videos that will be hot and actually have an impact. You can reach out to all kinds of businesses with this model. If you think about this industry as a whole, you could even start to make your own products as well as become an affiliate for the higher end video and graphics software programs.

For online service providers, lead generation is where it is at. You can generate prospects on or offline–it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you aim at both of those mindsets. What is important is that you put that effort into building as many leads as you possibly can. If it has been well-oiled, you will have a steady influx of highly targeted leads.

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